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Stops for area Bluewater. Please select a stop from the list below.

Clicking on a 'map' link next to an area will open the real-time vehicle and stop display window. This display shows a map containing the selected stop and the features of the surrounding area, which includes other stops and the actual real-time location of buses.

Stop Reference Stop Name
2400A070000A   Bluewater Bus Stn
2400A018790A   Brent School
2400A019060A   Cugley Road
2400A019240A   Cugley Road
2400A019210A   Darent Valley Hospi
240096623   Dovedale Road
240096625   Dovedale Road
2400A018770A   Elm Road
2400A018870A   Elm Road
2400A019070A   Myrtle Place
2400A019230A   Myrtle Place
240096627   Patterdale Road
240096629   Patterdale Road
2400A020000A   St James' Lane
2400A020010A   St James' Lane
2400A018850A   Stone House Hospita
2400A018760A   The Bull
2400A018880A   The Bull
2400108322   The Village
2400A018780A   Welsh Tavern
2400A018860A   Welsh Tavern

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