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Stops for area Dartford. Please select a stop from the list below.

Clicking on a 'map' link next to an area will open the real-time vehicle and stop display window. This display shows a map containing the selected stop and the features of the surrounding area, which includes other stops and the actual real-time location of buses.

Stop Reference Stop Name
240096605   Brent Lane
240096607   Brent Lane
2400A018810A   Brentfield Road
2400A018830A   Brentfield Road
240096609   Brooklands Lakes
240096611   Brooklands Lakes
2400A019340A   Cranford Road
2400A019640A   Fox and Hounds
240075087   Hanau Bridge
240075089   Hanau Bridge
240097375   Hanau Bridge
240075430   High Street
2400101288   Home Gardens
240096663   Home Gardens
2400A019920A   Home Gardens
2400A019930A   Home Gardens
2400A019660A   Instone Road
2400A019280A   Livingstone Hospita
2400A060520A   Livingstone Hospita
2400A019320A   Market Street
2400A018800A   Milestone Road
2400A018840A   Milestone Road
2400102527   Park Road
2400A019270A   Park Road
240096613   Princes Park
240096617   Princes Park
240096637   Royal Victoria Mill
2400104803   Sackville Road
2400A020200A   Sackville Road
2400A019260A   St Vincents Road
2400A018820A   The Brent
2400A019350A   The Orange Tree
2400A019630A   The Orange Tree
2400A019050A   Watling Street Ceme
2400A019250A   Watling Street Ceme

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