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Stops for area Gravesend. Please select a stop from the list below.

Clicking on a 'map' link next to an area will open the real-time vehicle and stop display window. This display shows a map containing the selected stop and the features of the surrounding area, which includes other stops and the actual real-time location of buses.

Stop Reference Stop Name
2400A018440A   Arriva Depot
2400A018630A   Arriva Depot
2400A018420A   Burch Road
2400A018640A   Burch Road
2400A018430A   Fountain Walk
2400A018670A   Garrick Street
2400A018680A   Garrick Street
2400A018690A   Garrick Street
2400A018250A   Gravesend Railway S
2400A018410A   Lennox Road
2400A018650A   Lennox Road
2400A018450A   Malvern House
2400A018620A   Malvern House
2400A018400A   Overcliffe
2400A018660A   Overcliffe
2400100083   Rosherville Way
2400100085   Rosherville Way
2400104339   Rural Vale
2400100087   Thames Way
2400100089   Thames Way
2400100079   Vale Road
2400100081   Vale Road

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