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The Internet provides the greatest number of ways to access Real Time information and to identify bus stop numbers should you not know the stop number.

Information on provided in a separate pop- up window (a ‘virtual display’) that automatically refreshes every 30 seconds, providing up to date predicted or scheduled bus times. Please note that if you have pop- up advert blocker software on your PC you may have to disable it when accessing the information in order to see the virtual displays. This can often be done for a specific site or by e.g. holding down the CTRL key when requesting the virtual display.

There is a virtual display for every bus stop, providing information for times later that day, nearby stops or a map image to show the location of the stop. It is possible to bookmark / save your favourite stop for quick access on future visits.

If the view nearby stops option is selected, a list of stops in distance order is displayed showing the bus stop number, bus stop name, services and destinations served by that stop. There is also the option to view each stop on a map and to view departure information for that stop.

It is possible to obtain information on the Internet by:

Option 1: Entering the stop number

If you have not previously bookmarked your stop, knowing your bus stop number is the quickest and easiest method to obtain information. Once you have entered the Bus stop number, information is provided in a pop up window (a ‘virtual display’).

Option 2: Entering the service number

It is possible to find stop specific information by knowing your service number. Enter the service number, then select the specific service and destination you require.

By clicking on the ‘+’ adjacent to the main stop, it will expand to display a list of the individual stops adjacent to the selected main stop. Click on the individual stop name for information and to identify the stop number for future use. It is possible to view the stop on a map to help you ensure that you have selected the correct stop.

Option 3: Navigating by map images

When selecting the map option, it is possible to drill down from a high level map to more detailed maps that contain individual bus stop details. Selecting the required stop will generate a virtual display providing predicted or scheduled bus times.

Option 4: Bookmarks

The quickest and easiest way to obtain information is to set up your most frequently accessed stop as a bookmark. Bookmarking simply saves the web address of your virtual display and allows quick access to that address on subsequent visits without having to re- enter the information on the main homepage.

To set up a bookmark:

  • open a pop- up virtual display for your stop
  • select the bookmark option at the top right hand corner of the virtual display
  • save the address to your favourites list

When you wish to access the information again, select the address from your favourites list.

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